About us

Bennetts is more than just a chocolate brand; it embodies a cherished family legacy, fostered by visionary chocolatiers Clayton and Mary Bennett since 1998. Their dedication has now passed to the capable hands of their children, Brodie, Emily, and Harry, poised to propel Bennetts into a new era of chocolate excellence.

From its inception, Bennetts has possessed a profound appreciation for the unique flavours cherished by New Zealanders. Whether it's the beloved feijoa and kiwifruit or the exotic tamarillo and quince, Bennetts celebrates the essence of local tastes. More than just ingredients, each confection embodies a tribute to the environments that nurture them, reflecting the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand's landscapes in every delectable bite.

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Artisan Chocolates

Handmade in mangawhai

With such extraordinary ingredients at their disposal, the team at Bennetts embraces a creative license that adds to the spirit of the brand. This freedom allows them to explore innovative ideas and craft chocolates that captivate taste buds worldwide. It's this dedication to creativity and authenticity that has made Bennetts a household name, celebrated for its magic and charm.


At Bennetts, we take pride in our roots, sourcing locally grown, spray-free ingredients and collaborating with nearby artisans. It's a celebration of New Zealand's rich flavours, from feijoa to kiwifruit, honouring the environments that nurture them. Our philosophy is simple yet profound: prioritise the joy of our customers while fostering pride and fulfillment among our staff.