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  • The march of the marshmallowists

If you haven’t tried our marshmallow, you haven’t lived. We’ve been perfecting these soft, fluffy, pillows of joy for ten years now. These aren’t like the circular treats you jammed into the ashes of a campfire when you were a kid. Our marshmallows are grown up and a little puff of heaven in each bite.

These bundles of happiness have been on the Bennetts menu for a long time now but we have recently given them a little face-lift. Don’t panic, they still come in chocolate, lemon, raspberry, feijoa and passionfruit flavours, we still use only natural ingredients and flavours to create these babies and they’re still the lightest, fluffiest marshmallows you’ll have ever tasted. So, what’s changed? After so long a part of the Bennetts family our marshmallows have finally got their own special packaging - making them much easier for you to spot while out shopping and we’ve swapped one ingredient to make them gluten free so that even more of you can enjoy them.

Does it get any better than this? Well, yes! You can also find our marshmallows lurking in
our rocky road. Marshmallow + chocolate? Yes please.

With a hint of spring in the air we recommend trying a summer ambrosia - simply mix
approximately 1 litre of yoghurt with 500 ml whipped cream (fold the cream into the yoghurt) add your favourite Bennetts marshmallow, summer fruits or berries and enjoy!