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  • Mangawhai in a box

Mangawhai is a place that is marked by an ebb and flow. Our beaches are in a constant state of flux with the tides making subtle adjustments to the shoreline daily.

The township itself bulges in summer and shrinks in winter but each season brings changes, new faces and new ventures that gently alter the shape and feel of the town.

Here at Bennetts we also experience the ebb and flow of change and feel it's to be celebrated. You may have noticed one of our favourite chocolates has a new look.

We are thrilled to reveal the new salted caramel box. It features the beach that draws people to Mangawhai as well as the inspiration for the hand harvested salt we use to perfectly complement the sweet caramel. The chocolates themselves feature the Fairy Tern - a bird that has made Mangawhai home and needs our support to ensure its survival.

The fairy tern is an important bird to all of Mangawhai. The numbers of tara-iti ebbed in the 1980s and through hard work and careful management the numbers have increased but the little bird remains critically endangered. Bennetts of Mangawhai are proud to support the Fairy Tern Trust.

As you can see, this box really captures our home and we're so excited to share it with you.