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  • Colours of Mangawhai

We consider ourselves so lucky to live and work in such a beautiful part of the country and where we are plays a huge role in what we do and how we do it.


So, it’s not surprising that when our 60g chocolate bars were due for a facelift that we turned to our environment for inspiration. We are frequent beach walkers and the ocean offers so many beautiful shades and colours. We’ve selected a range of colours, inspired by our beach, from the dark and stormy winter clouds for our dark chocolate, to the calm blue sky reflected in the ocean of a clear spring day on the blueberry chocolate bar, we’ve got the colours of Mangawhai well-represented.

The new look bars are in stores now and will soon be joined by 2 exciting new flavours, Caramel and Olive Oil. We’ve teamed up with a local company, Lola’s Olive Oil, to produce one of the most delicious chocolate bars around. This is a dark chocolate bar made with a perfect infusion of Lola’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it’s ridiculously creamy and smooth. It simply melts in your mouth.

We hope you will come visit our shop and Cafe soon and experience the colours of Mangawhai for yourself.