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  • A delicious local liaison

We like trying new things. We are always looking for new and interesting flavour  combinations but we still love the classics. I think everyone would agree, nuts and chocolate were basically made for each other, everyone loves a good chocolate caramel and chili is so perfect in a hot chocolate.

This month we’ve been refining a classic combination for you. A partnership that has been loved for a long time, but we think we’ve perfected it, and to do so we’ve formed a new partnership too.

We’re excited to launch our new Bennetts Rush Espresso chocolate bar. That’s right, coffee and chocolate. Heaven!

Mangawhai, our landscape, people, flora and fauna, constantly inspires us. We have many talented local artisans and the team at Rush Coffee have been longtime friends and favourites of ours. So, we thought, let’s get together and make something truly awesome.

I won’t kid you, it’s been tough. We’ve tried a range of coffee beans, in a mix of chocolate, with different grinds, in different bar shapes and sizes. All that chocolate and coffee, poor us!

The outcome of our toil is a delightful little bar that combines the best dark Belgium
couverture with the highest quality Colombian coffee beans. This bar is impeccably balanced with just the right kick of coffee and creamy melt-in- your-mouth chocolate.

These little numbers are ideal to keep in your purse or top drawer at work for an afternoon indulgence that won’t break the bank or spoil your dinner.