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  • Blackberry Mousse

Mangawhai is rich with delicious fresh fruit which we're spoilt with every summer. This is why we know you will be as excited as we are to welcome a new blackberry chocolate to our wonderful fruity range.

The best part about this juicy new treat (apart from the taste!) has been our ability to see it all the way through the creative process, including picking the blackberries ourselves. We set off down a gravel road with handwritten directions to the most secret of local haunts and after battling with the thorny vines we rose victorious. Rejecting any berries that looked too ripe, or not ripe enough and inspecting each and every one; we returned to the factory with the best possible berries!

With the fresh berries ready, next was the experimenting time! Ali and Caroline set to work coming up with a variety of blackberry based creations for us to taste and choose from. It was hard to pick a favourite as we were hit by a variety of tastes such as the fresh summer flavour of blackberry and pear and an indulgent double layer blackberry crème. But in the end it was the delicate blackberry mousse that won our hearts. Beneath a creamy milk chocolate shell the mousse is as light as air and bright with flavour.

This exciting addition will only be available in our Mangawhai store so venture in to see us and experience a handcrafted blackberry mousse for yourself!