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  • Something to Raise Your Spirits


Happy days have turned into happy hours at Bennetts! We've teamed up with Waiwera Spirits to create something fun and a bit different. Our chocolatier, David, has been an integral part of creating this amazing new boozy collection, and we are excited to share it with you. We think you will agree with us that chocolate and spirits go together like a dream.

Waiwera Spirits complement our chocolate and match our philosophy. Their spirits are inspired by 17th Century apothecary recipes and combine natural ingredients with known health benefits with the legendary Waiwera water whilst employing the most sophisticated process to ensure the purest quality alcohol possible. We love the inclusion of New Zealand flavours like Manuka flowers and honey.

Our very careful tasting and sampling have resulted in four fabulous new additions to the Bennetts range. We are proud to introduce: Waiwera Rum & Raisin, Waiwera Gin & Cranberry, Waiwera Rum & Caramel, and Waiwera Vodka & Blackcurrant.

Sorry kids, these are ‘adults only’ chocolates!

The classic Rum & Raisin combination comes in a creamy white chocolate ganache with fresh raisins and captures the flavour of rum and raisin perfectly. The Gin & Cranberry chocolate is very pretty, with a pinkish ganache in a white chocolate mould. The Rum & Caramel comes in a dark chocolate mould with a caramel centre with delicious Waiwera rum.  Finally, Vodka and Blackcurrant is a cool little cocktail with a purple white chocolate based ganache in a milk chocolate mould.

We are absolutely positive you’ll love the Bennetts-Waiwera pairings as much as we do.

Check out the Waiwera Spirits Facebook page for more information on this exciting new company