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  • Bennett Bunny on Tour

The Bennett Bunny heard about the Easter Bunny’s upcoming travels and was envious.

 So we sent him on his own trip. Can you guess where he went?

 It’s getting colder.

We’re nearly there.


It’s an iceberg fairyland! Will one hop get me over there?



Wow, I’ve made it. I’m a snow Bunny now.


Hush, seals are sleeping.



Shhhhh.. Don't disturb the terns!


I have never seen blues so blue or whites so white


Is that snow or penguins moulting?


Fancy meeting you here.



Shall we test the water?

A colony of penguins, maybe one will catch my eye…


Let’s take a stroll together.

Are you exhausted too?


Velvety seals in dark and white chocolate, but where’s the milk? 


Antartica took my breath away. I’m going to miss my penguin friends, but must get home to Bennetts in time for Easter.