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  • Manuka Honey Ganache

We have a real passion for the flavours of New Zealand. Fruits and nuts grown locally have been an inspiration for many of the chocolates featured in the Bennetts’ range. However, an important flavour was missing. Our development team began to experiment with Manuka Honey to create a unique chocolate. Honey is not a common pairing with chocolate so the team was tasked with how to best create a filling to bring out the best in the honey. The final result is the honey ganache chocolate. Cream and honey are combined and heated before chocolate is added to form the ganache. The ganache is enrobed with the finest Belgian chocolate and decorated with cocoa butter. The result? Well, here’s what one of our customer’s had to say:


“What do you expect when you look at the dark chocolate shell of Bennetts’ Honeycomb Chocolate? You might expect a simple pleasure and a moment’s happiness. You might rightfully expect a hand crafted delight from one of New Zealand’s finest chocolate artisans. As always, Bennetts' exceeds expectations in exciting ways.


When your teeth sink through the thin chocolate shell, they will be met with the lightest, creamiest ganache you’ve ever tasted. It’s a mixture of apparent contradictions that meet and melt into harmony in your mouth. The ethereal filling is light, but also rich and voluptuous. The initial sweet chocolate taste dissolves into a nourishing experience of warm honey flavour that soothes the senses and carries you to a sanctuary of pleasure and comfort.

A simple pleasure? A moment’s happiness? These and much more.”