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Fairy Tern News
  • January 25, 2024

In Waipu, the lone chick is diligently practicing wing-strengthening moves, signaling its imminent journey into the skies.

Mangawhai's estuary is lively, with several larger fairy tern chicks under the supervision of their parents, learning to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, there are still numerous smaller chicks to be banded.

At Pakiri, Ranger Lucille is winding down her activities at the site. However, she looks forward to sharing the beach with people who want to join her for birdwatching and advocacy this weekend.

In Papakanui, the fairy tern chick is thriving on a diet of well-supplied mullet provided by its parents.

The aviary is a bustling scene as the four chicks explore their surroundings, venturing out and returning to feed on the fish supplied on-site. Occasionally, they mingle with the adult fairy terns.