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Fairy Tern News
  • January 17, 2024

Mangawhai continues to be a hub of excitement with a remarkable increase in the fairy tern chick count, now totalling an impressive seven. Among them, two have taken their first flights, while two more have been banded.

Waipu reports progress as the fairy tern chick has been successfully banded and is poised to embark on the learning-to-fly journey.

Papakanui shares great news as their fairy tern chick is thriving.

Unfortunately, Pakiri hasn't witnessed the arrival of fairy tern chicks this season. However, an exciting Birdwatching/Advocacy event is in the works for the 27th/28th of January. Everyone is welcome to participate, and registration can be done at the Holiday Park.

Within the domain of captive rearing, the aviary is abuzz with activity as four fairy tern chicks are being closely monitored by DOC, Zoo and volunteer teams. These fledglings are honing their flying and fishing skills outdoors while still returning home to feed and roost at night.