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Fairy Tern News
  • January 10, 2024

Rangers and volunteers are bustling with activity, devotedly caring for numerous little fluff balls at each site. The excitement is palpable!

The Waipu chick has begun its explorations, with both parents actively sharing family duties in this heartwarming display of parental teamwork.

In Mangawhai, the six chicks are thriving, with the older ones starting to stretch their wings and engage in short flights around the nest sites. Their lively antics add an extra layer of charm to the picturesque surroundings.

At Pakiri, the dedicated Ranger is immersed in advocacy and compliance work at this bustling and popular site. In addition to overseeing the fairy tern chicks, there's a vigilant eye on the dotterel and oyster catcher chicks, ensuring the safety of all these precious birds.

Celebrations are in order at Papakanui, where the resident pair has successfully hatched a plucky chick. Both parents are diligently providing rather large fish to nourish their feathered offspring, showcasing a heartening commitment to nurturing their young.

The chicks at the Auckland Zoo's captive rearing program are adapting well to their aviary surroundings, finding nourishment in the little pools provided by tin lids! These adorable avian youngsters have been equipped with tiny satellite/radio tags, allowing conservationists to closely monitor them post-release and ensure their continued well-being in the wild.