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Fairy Tern News
  • February 05, 2022

Mangawhai: - all 3 fledglings are out fishing in the estuary with their parents nearby. Look out for ginger-capped fledgling Fairy Terns, learning to fish(or waiting for their parents to feed them!) New boardwalk at Back Bay, and off Tern Point at low tide, are good spots.

Papakanui: - one of the new chicks was taken to the Zoo for veterinary care but died soon after, and the 2nd chick is doing well, with parents standing on-watch and feeding it fish regularly.

Te Arai Aviary: - RB-WM(bands) fully-fledged, learning to fish and bathe in Te Arai stream. Unfortunately RK-RM, its friend, was found dead one morning - necropsy identified head injury. Another younger chick(pGB-KM) has arrived at the aviary from the zoo, and is learning to fish from the special trays inside the aviary.