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Fairy Tern News
  • January 26, 2022

Mangawhai - 3 more chicks banded and ready to fly, 1 other chick was pecked after banding, by a single male FT, and died subsequently. - 3 older chicks are learning to fish on the estuary with their parents.

Te Arai - 2 chicks hatched and raised in the Zoo, and Aviary, have now been released. They are treating the aviary as home-base, and venturing out with the assistance of RayBan - a chick that was orphaned a few years ago, and hand-fed by DOC staff until it managed on its own.

PapakanuiĀ - 2 new chicks have hatched on 20th and 22nd January. This is the second round for the parents this year. Fingers crossed the weather out there on the South Kaipara Heads treats them kindly!