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At Bennetts we care. We are passionate about selecting the best ingredients for our chocolates. Because we care, we choose ingredients that are not only delicious but also from known and sustainable sources. We love that we know who grows the fruits that flavour our chocolates. We love that we hand-harvest seawater for our salted chocolate from our local beach, and we love that we have now partnered with Cacao-Trace to supply the chocolate for our products.

Cacao-Trace is a programme that stands for quality, traceable, sustainable cocoa beans and in doing so it shares our vision of ethically sourced ingredients that do not compromise on taste or quality. The farmers that grow our chocolate are guaranteed a fair income and the programme gives back to their communities. Farmers are empowered to improve the quality of their cocoa beans and farming practice with technical support and coaching which ensures they can maintain autonomy over their farms and secure their income. Cacao-Trace helps us bring the farmers who grow our cocoa beans into the Bennetts family. We care about ethical and sustainable practices and know that you will love our chocolate just as much as we do.


What is Cacao-Trace?

Cacao-Trace is a sustainable cocoa sourcing programme that focuses on better tasting chocolate, and in the process creates value for all, from farmer to consumer.

Training and premium pricing for cocoa farmers are part of the Cacao-Trace programme but they are always looking for new ways to improve their lives. With the Chocolate Bonus, Cacao-Trace share the value of a higher quality chocolate back: €0.10 per kilo of chocolate sold, goes directly back to the cocoa farming communities they work with.

Cacao-Trace stands for quality, traceable, sustainable cocoa beans. Continuous improvement is embedded into the programme and validated through independent, third-party audits.

By purchasing Cacao-Trace chocolate you are helping to improve the lives of cocoa farmers and their families. Controlled separation of Cacao-Trace cocoa from other cocoa beans throughout the supply chain – all the way from harvesting through to processing – guarantees the physical traceability of all Cacao-Trace chocolate.

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